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The car model shown may vary slightly from the prize car. 




Terms And Conditions Of Entry


AJD Properties Pty Ltd Trading as Daynes Property ABN 57 640 776 021

Giveaway prize is one 2022 MG ZS EXCITE 1.5L / 4-AT / FWD or $15,000 cash.

14 runner-ups will receive a $250 voucher redeemable at Souths Sports Club, Acacia Ridge.



In order to be eligible to be placed into the lottery draw you must satisfy the following requirements:


1. Daynes Property is the promoter and conductor of the lottery;

2. Your property must be located within the boundaries of Acacia Ridge or Archerfield;

3. You must list your property for sale with Daynes Property;

4. Once your property is sold and successfully settled by Daynes Property you shall then be placed into the draw to win the prize;

5. Your property must sell for a minimum of $400,000;

6. The promotional game shall close after the successful sale and settlement of the first 15 properties;

7. The winner shall be drawn from the pool of 15 persons who have sold and settled their property;

8. The prize will be one 2022 MG ZS EXCITE 1.5L, 4-AT, FWD to the value of $22,990 driveaway or the winner can choose to take home $15,000 cash in lieu of the car prize;

9. Consolation prizes will be given to the 14 persons in the draw who did not win the car prize. The consolation prize of a $250 voucher will be redeemable at SOUTHS SPORTS CLUB in Acacia Ridge. The gift voucher can be spent how the recipient chooses at this venue but is not redeemable for cash;

10. The 15 persons in the draw or their representatives will be invited to SOUTHS SPORTS CLUB in Acacia Ridge to witness the draw of the lottery winner. This will occur within 21 days of the successful settlement of the 15th property;

11. Employees and family of Daynes Property are not eligible to enter the lottery;